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WELLA Booster Service :

This in-salon treatment is the perfect service upgrade to your usual Blowdry or Cut & Blowdry appointment. With three Booster options available, you are sure to feel the difference in your hair, much more revived and complimented with a Acupoint Activation Massage. Options available :


BRILLIANCE Booster - For Colour Vibrancy

NUTRI Booster - For Nourishing and Adding Some Life

VOLUME Booster - For thin hair to add volume and lift

Inform your stylist of which Booster Treatment you would like to have done when you visit the salon for your appointment. 


Colour Services Described :

Allover Colour :

Chosen colour is applied liberally to the full head of hair using a salon tint brush. 100% of the hair is covered. There are no foils involved with this treatment.

Application Time : 30 - 45 minutes

Semi Roots :

Similar to Allover colouring in terms of application, this colour service focuses on the roots of your hair. This is a suitable treatment for a low to zero percentage of grey.

Application Time : 30 minutes

Tint Roots :

Application of tint roots is exactly the same as semi roots, but the colour application is permanent. This colour service has upto 100% grey coverage.

Application Time : 30 minutes

Tint & Foils :

This is a combination of the above TINT ROOTS treatment aswell as applying several scattered foils to give a difference in tones finish as opposed to just one single colour.

Application Time : 45 minutes

Parting Foils :

A series of foils applied concentrating on just your hair parting.

Application Time : 30 minutes

Half Head :

This treatment concentrates on the top half of your hair with a series of foils. This can involve lowlights or highlights, or even a combination of both for a more broken up finish. This is a permanent treatment.

Application Time : 45 minutes

Full Head :

Similar to half head, but this covers your full head of hair with foils and the opportunity to let your creative side take control and create a look like no other. This is a permanent treatment.

Application Time : 75 minutes.

Restyle - Out With The Old, In With The New :

This is a Wash, Cut & Blowdry treatment. An opportunity to totally change your look. Long hair to short? Fringe to no fringe? Curls to bob? #lookgoodfeelgood

Appointment Time : 60 minutes

If you require clarification on any of the services we offer, please give us a call on 01506 633055.

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