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Dear Clients ... Existing & New,


Back in January we announced in our email newsletter that we would be sharing some important announcements in the early months of 2018.

To put it simply ..... We are changing our trading name. We will explain the reasons for this below :

Back in September, we received a letter from a lawyer firm in London acting on behalf of Macy's Stores Inc from the USA. We think you get the idea already. The letter opened :

Macy's Inc Stores West vs MACYS Lounge Bathgate

We read on and this multi-billion dollar company - whose closest store to 78 North Bridge Street Bathgate is more than 3000 miles away with a rather large pond between us has filed a Trademark Infringement against us by the use of the name "MACY" or "MACYS" in our business name. It turns out that Macy's Stores has a trademark operating within Europe that covers them for a book worth of products and services from Submarine Parts, Paperweights, Writing Materials, Clocks, Fishing Equipment, Rubber Gloves ....... The long long list goes on. It also covers trademark registration EU12060943 - which cover 'Beauty & Hairdressing Salon Services' They go on to say :

"MACYS LOUNGE is confusingly similar to MACY'S and relates to identical services to those in their registration. The addition of the word LOUNGE as a suffix word with less distinctiveness, is not sufficient to prevent confusion arising.

The fact that the name was chosen by you because it is your daughter's name (as stated on the website), is no defence."


We wanted to fight this battle - David & Goliath style, but we did not have the funding or resources available to do so and were somewhat backed into a corner to 'angrily' agree to their terms of changing our name.

We give you :

[ MACIZ Lounge ] 

Our website address for online bookings will soon change to :


This will be our new trading name from March 2018 going forward. It is still similar to what we currently use. People will still be able to recommend our services and say "I get my hair done at MACIZ" Our telephone manner will remain the same. The business as a whole will effectively be as is, other than the spelling of the name will differ.


What Does This Mean For Me ?

Nothing at all. As stated, everything we do, say, promote, and offer will stay excatly the same. Your details on the system will remain as is. Prices will remain as they are. The only changes will be the visual presentation of the business name above the door, on our website, social media channels and any correspondance we use such as stationery and promotional matrial. As a whole, your salon will continue to operate just exactly as it has.

It's been a difficult blow to take. One we have discussed day in-day out for months, throwing names around, getting frustrated and going through all the emotions, but when a Multi-Billion Dollar outfit throws their weight around so aggressively, there's not alot we can do.

As ever, we Thank You truly for your ongoing support for our business and we are grateful for every single client that walks through our doors.

We look forward to seeing you in the salon soon - business as usual.

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