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FEBRUARY - Hair Detox Offer :

2017 Checklist :

Your hair is one of your main attributes as a person and deserves to be treated as such. What good is it having a beach body with a riot up top? What good is a beach body lying on the beach in basking heat with a riot up top? You get the picture. After all the partying and socialising during December / January, now is the time to give your mane something back.

Treat it to our February Hair Detox Offer and start your New Year Hair as you mean to go on.

By Discovering & Experiencing our in-salon treatments such as OLAPLEX, Karite & Argan Oil and a Deep Cleansing Wash, your hair will begin its journey to a healthy state.


Book in for our February Hair Detox Offer and enjoy a Cut, Treatments from Olaplex, Kitoko Oil, Deep Cleansing Shampoo and a Blowdry.

Hair Detox with Blowdry Only : £17.00

Hair Detox with Cut & Blowdry : £30.00

The WHY? :

You will be amazed at just how much abuse your hair goes through on a day-to-day basis. Washing, Drying, Brushing, Straightening, Curling, Brushing, Swimming, Brushing, Sweating, Drying, Brushing .................................................... GASP !! Just like any other damage caused to any other part of your body or life, it needs to be repaired. That's where we come in.



This is the technical jargon, but it good to know : Disulphide bonds give the hair elasticity and strength. During colouring and chemical thermal treatments, the bonds are broken leaving the hair dry, brittle and sometimes unmanageable. This essentially breaks the structure of the hair. Also known as a NIGHTMARE!!

OLAPLEX helps to repair the broken disulphide bonds in the hair. Your colour lasts longer, the hair becomes stronger & healthier and opens up the door for treatments to be carried out more regularly without any lasting damage to your hair.


The KITOKO Oil is a blend of Karite & Argan oils, Vitamins A & E,and a naturally derived UV filter. It can be used on dry or damp hair and is a lightweight formula with a non-greasy feel. Kitoko Oil is suitable for all hair types. It will tame frizzy hair leaving it shiny, moisturised and looking healthy.


Our Deep Cleanse Shampoo is Paraben Free and contains no waxes, silicones, mineral oil or sodium chloride. The shampoo removes product build up from styling products such as sprays, creams and mousse's, general pollutants and swimming pools.

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